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A Step By Step System To Get The Perfect Body

I have been working out for over a decade, and tried all types of diets, supplements, and training routines. I have spent a ton of money on programs from the best of the business and worked together with people who tried it. This is the only program that combines fitness and human psychology, and makes it easy to follow by building it up step by step.

If you follow what I have here for the next 9 weeks, you will have:
1 - All the habits of health and beauty
2 - These habits will make you physically irresistable(dream body)
3 - You will never go back to your old ways(the health habits will become second nature)

And this begins TODAY. The moment you order this and put it into practice, you will begin to change the way your body looks.
People will look at you and be surprised at how good you look. No more being insecure when going to a public place. Every person who has been through this has lost weight, gained muscle, and looked better than they ever did before.
Now imagine this: How will it feel to reach your physical goals, looking at yourself in the mirror and seeing what you want to see? People that have not seen you in a while will be looking at you in amazement.

Module #1 Encyclopedia

This section teaches you everything you need to know about your body, and avoids the stuff that you won’t use. This section is built with the knowledge from many books and put together for you. As a result, there’s no fluff, only essential knowledge.

Module #2 Step By Step Program

Making common sense common practice. That is what this section is about. In this section you will get some additional explanation but, most importanly, it will be very practical. No need to think about how to make a diet plan or what routine to follow and when. This shows you everything you have to do every day. You will get a schedule each week with every detail. It starts simple but with time it becomes great, and you can adjust for your body.

Module #3 BONUS: Tracking Sheet

What gets measured gets managed. By writing down a few numbers a day you will be able to adapt your routine to the results you see on paper. This makes it super easy to see where you are headed and gives you an objective look on your body.

Full Course Contents

Here's a break-down of the full contents of the Step by Step Program.

  • Chapter 1: Action, Habits and Consistency. This chapter talks about how small changes have a huge impact in the long run, and how you can do all the right things with time.
  • Chapter 2: What makes a great Physique?: This chapter talks about what ratio's make up for a great body, and the other factors as well. We talk about fat percentage, muscle and where you need to strive for to look your best.
  • Chapter 3: Calories and Macro's. Here we talk about what you should eat and how much, meal timing, etc. All the info you will ever need about food.
  • Chapter 4: Rate of Weight Gain and Loss. In this chapter we talk about how quick the process of losing fat and gaining muscle is. We also talk about the best way to track your progress, how to lose fat, and how to adjust your diet the best possible way to get results super fast and easy.
  • Chapter 5: Resistance training. In this chapter we talk about the optimal training routines for both beginners and more advanced people and the best way to start training. You will get an exact routine to follow and we talk about how to make progress and how to customize your own routine.
  • Chapter 6: Cardio. In this chapter we talk about how much cardio you need and what type of cardio(and for how long) you can do that will give the quickest results. You also get a cardio routine that you can do at home.
  • Chapter 7: Supplements. Here we talk about supplements you could take that will cut your recovery time, when to take them etc. There will also be a recipe for the Perfect Post Workout Shake.
  • 9 Week Step By Step Coaching: This put all of the above together for you and, just like a personal coach, it shows you how to make all of the right things a habit in your life. You get new habits to add every week, each week building on the previous one. This part is there to help you to make common sense common practice. This section takes up half the book, and gives you additional explanation on the material so that you understand the concepts better with time.

The only program out there that actually explains HOW to use it the best possible way. There is a lot of info in the first section. The second section puts is all together gradually week by week, takes away the confusion and makes it very easy to follow. And the results were visible very quick!

Sarah B.

I have built some great habits after having gone through the program. The training routine is amazing, just like the diet tips. I was not a beginner, but this program has put me on the next level. I don't even follow every diet rule and I still got my dream body.

David A.

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A good personal trainer will cost you anywhere from $55 up to $150 per hour. If you were to get personal coaching only 3 days a week for 9 weeks it will cost you 3 x 9 x $75-$150 = $2025 up to $4050. To get the knowlegde from the first section it would cost you additional hunderds of dollars.
This program on average will only cost you a little over $10 a week. That it about $1.50 per day. By just skipping a few coffees a week you will have made your money back.

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

This program cannot fail. Because I am so certain that this is the case I will give you a 60 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. If you can prove that you have followed the steps each week and still did not get results you will get your money back. So you risk absolutely nothing!